Diamond Pasta is a great source of carbohydrates, an excellent source of fibre and is also naturally low in fat and sodium. It also contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

How Diamond Pasta is made

The basic ingredient of any pasta is wheat. Diamond pasta is made using 100% of the highest quality durum wheat. The endosperm of the wheat is milled to create a coarse grain called semolina. This semolina creates the distinctive “golden” colour of which Diamond pasta is a perfect example.

Water is then added to the durum wheat semolina and mixed to form a stiff dough. This dough is driven through a vacuum system and fed through a die. The particular die used determines the shape of the pasta. The shapes are formed under pressure and rotating knives are used to cut the shapes to the required length.

Once the shapes are formed they are fed through a series of dying stages. This process reduces the moisture content in the pasta allowing it to be packed and stored successfully for 24 months.

What is Diamond Pasta?

Why Use Durum Wheat?

Durum is the hardest of all wheats. Its density, combined with its high protein and gluten strength, make durum the wheat of choice for producing premium pasta products. Durum wheat kernels are amber-coloured and larger than those of other wheat classes. Also unique to durum is its yellow endosperm, which gives pasta its golden colour. Pasta made from durum is firm with consistent cooking quality. Most importantly, durum wheat pasta can handle excess cooking without falling apart or sticking together.
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